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Polyurethane Mixing Machine

Fifteen year old polyurethane mixing and pouring machine with obsolete control system was completely retrofit with a new system based on a PLCDirect DL 450 programmable controller. Material flow from three polymer tanks is precisely monitored by precision flowmeters and controlled though Control Techniques vector drives. Process temperatures are maintained by a glycol based heat transfer system controlled by the PLC. Operator interface is accomplished through a PLCDirect DirectTouch panel. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is maintained by a remote personal computer and Lookout Direct MMI software through an ethernet connection.

Wonderware Parison Programmer Interface

Wonderware MMI software was used to create a custom operator interface for a Graham Engineering Parison Programmer. The interface provides for eighty profile points to be displayed and adjusted on one screen. Critical programmer parameters are password protected with three levels of security. Up to four setups can be stored in the system, but an unlimited number of setups can be stored and recalled from floppy discs. Setups can also be opened in Microsoft Excel from which a graphical printout of parameters can be generated.

Overhead Conveying System

An Allen-Bradley SLC-500 programmable controller supervises operation of a motor control center with sixteen Allen-Bradley variable frequency A.C. drives. This equipment controls an overhead conveyor system supplying two remote fully automatic palletizers with product from three production lines. Elevators are used to raise the product overhead and to lower the product back to palletizer level. The product wall is very thin requiring line pressure controls to be built into the system at regular intervals. The PLC monitors fifty-eight photo electric sensors to control twenty-seven gating devices which maintain even product flow along the system. In addition to the electrical and pnuematic systems, all gating devices were designed and installed by Applied Machine Control.

Die Cast Machining Center

Pneumatic and electrical controls were provided for this machine used to drill and tap five holes simultaneously in end caps for pneumatic nailers. The part is automatically clamped in a fixture where five Sugino drilling and tapping units finish the part. Motor direction and speeds are controlled by Saftronics VSM variable frequency A.C. drives. The entire operation is controlled through a Siemans Simatic S7 Programmable Controller.

MACO6000 Parison Programmer

A four head Uniloy blowmolder was retrofit with a Barber-Coleman MACO6000 parison programmer. The system is set up to run individual parison profiles on each head as well as function as a position based programmer. System logic and screens were modified to allow the system to operate to the customer's specification. System math function was utilized to automatically synchronize extruder shot parameters between two independent parison programmer cards.

Eight Channel Parison Programmer

Plastic extrudate wall thickness is precisely controlled by hydraulically adjusting the die gap dynamically during production.  This PC based system provides closed loop control to eight hydraulic servo valves, each controlling the die gap on an individual extrusion head.  Feedback is provided through LVDTs attached to the hydraulic actuators.  The operator interface, while extremely easy to use, allows the operator to simultaneously run 100 point motion profiles independently on each channel.  Two separate CPUs are utilized, one for operator interface and one for motion control.   Data is shared by the CPUs using global RAM.  The system operates at speeds up to 300 cycles, or 2400 parts, per minute.  Up to 100 user setups can be stored for future retrieval.

Inner Bearing Race Machining

This motion control application uses an Emerson FX Servo Drive and T60 Operator panel to precisely control a finishing operation in the manufacture of roller bearings.   Motion parameters for each series bearing being manufactured are computed by the system.  The machine operator selects the bearing series number from a pick list on the operator panel.  Other machine control functions including parts handling are accomplished using an Allen-Bradley SLC500 PLC.

Toxic Gas Alarm

Up to twelve analog electrochemical toxic gas sensors can be connected to this PLC based alarm system.  Alarm outputs include low level alarm, high level alarm, and sensor failure for each channel.  Adjustable parameters include gas type, engineering units (ppm, ppb, %v/v, %LEL), alarm thresholds, alarm at concentrations above or below threshold, and outputs high or low on alarm.  Actual gas concentration is displayed for each channel as will as fault conditions.

Automated Bulk Packaging System

Simple system utilizing PLCDirect PLC and Optimate panel to count product on conveyor as it loads into a bulk box.  Product flow is interrupted when preset count is reached and full box is indexed out of system.  New box is indexed into system and cycle repeats.  User can view count totals of products packed, boxes filled, and products loaded to current box.  System provides audible and visual alarms for missing box and product jams.