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With over 20 years experience in the machinery automation field we have expertise in:

  • Hard Wired Relay Logic
  • PLC Control Systems
  • PLC Programming
  • PC Programming
  • Variable Speed Drives & Motor Controls
  • Machine Vision
  • Motion Control
  • Process Control
  • Plant Floor Data Collection
  • Systems Integration
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)

Whether your application is simple coding of PLC logic, the design and building of local automation stations, or the design and installation of an integrated quality and process control system complete with SCADA, we have the desire and ability to work closely with your team to provide efficient and cost effective solutions. 

System Design

We will meet with you to thoroughly discuss your application and work with you in determining the best approach.  As the design progresses, we will continue to maintain an open dialog with your team to discuss project status, hardware and software recommendations, cost issues, and performance issues.  Our goal is to provide you with a design that exactly matches your requirements with no suprises.  We all know the path to reach that goal is open communications.

Man Machine Interface

The key to a machine control system is how well your front line personnel understand how to operate the equipment.  The interface between man and machine must be intuitive and user friendly.  The machine operator must be able to implement the desired command, or adjust the required parameter without a lot of searching through pages and pages of options.  At Applied Machine Control, we pride ourselves at our success at designing easy to use, quickly accepted interfaces.  We know how to reduce the learning curve, and speed up your machine operators' comfort with the system.

Panel Building

We build custom control panels to your specifications or to our design for your application.  Only quality NEMA and IEC components are included, and are assembled in the enclosure with excellent workmanship.  All terminal strips are labelled and all wires numbered in a manner that makes them easy to read.  CAD generated wiring diagrams are included in the enclosure and are available on disk as well.  Enclosures are spray painted and then baked for a high quality and durable finish.  We make panels to be proud of.


Our programming capabilities range from coding your I/O matrix into PLC software, through PLC logic design, to writing custom PC realtime control systems.  We are experienced in programming PLCs from many manufactureres including Allen-Bradley, GE-Fanuc, Omron, Texas Instruments, Siemans, and PLCDirect.  We have developed PC control systems in Visual Basic, Turbo C++, and Assembly.